I’ve wanted to be a writer since the age of five when I pounded out my first story on my Mom’s typewriter. (Yes, I am at least that old to have used a typewriter.) I was the Editor of every school newspaper through high school (and as a military brat, I went to a whole lotta schools), wrote my first paid magazine article in my teens, and served as Editor/Publisher/Writer for a multiple award-winning international publication called Middle Eastern Dancer for 14 years. (If you’re stumped on the title, think belly dance, and yes, add that to my list of non-traditional expressive outlets).  In years before and aft, I’ve covered space news for newspapers, lifestyle choices for magazines, interviewed celebrities for entertainment publications and became co-owner/Editor-Writer for a film/TV/Commercial industry newsletter. My passions are cooking & baking, travelling, family, reading, ballroom dancing, and always, writing.

Some writers are challenged to find their voice and direction.  I face a daily identity crisis. Some days I’m Karen Kuzsel– embedded deeply within the hospitality, meetings & events, and entertainment industries as an active member of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), International Society of Event Specialists (ISES), or as a Contributing Editor (writer) for the meetings industry trade publication, Prevue Magazine. Other days my alternate ego bursts through. Then I am Natasha, The Psychic Lady, a professional performer for corporate and social functions. I’ve starred on radio, TV, appeared in films, and have been featured in books, magazines and newsletters. I can pledge not to show up for a magazine interview dressed in a flamboyant costume, but I can’t promise that Natasha’s insights and sensitivities don’t influence my ability to listen and respond.

This blog is an amalgamation of all who I am and will be an evolution of whom I will be.  These will be the stories of life’s adventures that encompass my passions: whether it’s sampling tasty fare, luxuriating at an amazing resort or city, or just being lucky enough to touch the lives of memorable, caring people. I hope you’ll occasionally be along for the journey.